You must attend morning registration. You must remain on-site between 8:50am and 1:15pm every day. If you have a time tabled lesson after 1:15pm you must attend it.

If, during the day, you do not have a timetabled lesson you must complete private study. In the unfortunate event that a teacher is absent then you must work during those periods in the room of the lesson or the Sixth Form area. If you are absent, for example, due to illness, either a parent should call the School absence line or a note must be provided immediately upon returning to school.

Medical appointments should be arranged outside of lesson time and lessons must not be missed for other appointments (for example driving lessons). When it is not possible to arrange an appointment outside of lessons (for example, some hospital appointments or a driving test) a note must be brought to the Sixth Form office. Persistent failure to adhere to attendance requirements will result in students being asked to leave the Sixth Form with immediate effect.